Explore the North Coast 

Explore the largest island on the west coast of North America! Vancouver Island stretches 460km in length with endless natural and cultural experiences on the way. From Port Hardy at the Northern most tip, set sail for Prince Rupert along the Inside Passage, then visit the beautiful Haida Gwaii. World renowned for its rugged mountains and deep fjords, this part of British Columbia offers an endless combination of costal scenery and wildlife. For a deeper look & interactive map of Vancouver Island and its hundreds of parks, reserves and recreation locations please visit:



1.    Base Camp Adventure Rentals 

2.    Campbell River – Known globally for its sterling reputation amongst anglers, travelers can not only spend a day catching salmon but also swimming amongst them, as all 5 species of Pacific salmon return to their spawning river beds between late July and early October. Be sure to make a stop at the famous Discovery Pier and enjoy the best ice cream around!

3.    Gold River – With a rich history of logging and paper industry, Gold River now offers ideal scenery including snow-capped mountains and dense rain forest. Here travelers will reach the entrance to Nootka Sound, where it is recommended to take a day trip aboard the MV Uchuck III up to Esperanza Inlet and Kyuquot Sound.

4.    Telegraph Cove – The typically protected and calm waters surrounding telegraph cove offer great opportunity for travelers to fish for halibut, lingcod, rock cod, prawn, Dungeness and red rock crab, and scallops. With the large run of salmon during June and July comes resident killer whales. Take the chance to see incredible wildlife with a whale watching tour.

5.    Port Hardy – Located at the Northern tip of Vancouver Island, Port Hardy is quickly becoming known for its backpacking and hiking with destinations such as Cape Scott Trail, San Josef Bay Trail and Tex Lyon Trail close by. Embark through dense pacific rainforest and seaside paths which twist among massive old growth and inhabited by a variety of different wild life.