Reservation Deposit:

A Reservation Deposit of CAD $300 is required at time of booking. The receipt of this deposit does not imply acceptance of the booking by Base Camp Adventure Rentals (Base Camp). Only when the booking has been confirmed in writing by Base Camp will the first instalment of the rental become payable, at which point the Renter(s) agree to comply with the Terms of this agreement and understand they may be subject to change. The Reservation Deposit will be counted towards your final payment. 


Full payment of all rental charges are due upon PICKUP of the vehicle. This must be paid in Canadian Dollars (CAD) by Cash, Bank Certified Draft, Cashier’s Check, Traveler's Check, Credit Card - Mastercard/Visa, and Paypal. Sorry, no personal cheques can be accepted. THERE WILL BE NO REFUND OF TIME CHANGES FOR LATE PICKUP OR EARLY RETURN.

Cancellation Policy:

All cancellations must be in writing. A $50 charge applies to all cancellations over 60 days from the date of departure. For cancellations made less than 60 days prior to scheduled date of departure 50% of the Reservation Deposit shall be forfeited, unless made within 28-days of departure date wherein entirety of Reservation Deposit shall be forfeited. Base Camp reserves the right to cancel or move bookings 10-days notice, and if forced to do so will refund the entirety of the Reservation Deposit. Base Camp is not liable for any other costs associated with a cancellation as it is the responsibility of the Renter to ensure they have adequate travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances. For no shows, full Reservation Deposit shall be forfeited. In the event a van suffers mechanical failure and we are unable to offer you a van upon pick up Base Camp bares no charges occurred with cancellations of trips.

Security Deposit:

Base Camp requires a pre-authorized bond of $2,500 for North Americans and $3,000 for International renters on your credit card to serve as a security deposit for each rental – Therefore you hereby authorize Base Camp to expend such bond to cover costs associated with expenses resulting from any accidents and incidental costs. The expenditure is applicable regardless of fault and must be paid at the time which the accident report is completed. If you are successful in recovering the costs of damages from the Third party, Base Camp will refund the expenses. It is the Renters responsibility to pay for anything not covered by the bond or insurance. The bond will be released once the vehicle is returned less any damage, loss of equipment, extra-cleaning, refuelling and extra day’s fees. 

Driving & License Requirements:

Only drivers who are 21 years of age, have provided their name in print along with a corresponding valid drivers licence, and their signature agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, are permitted to drive. Persons who have been convicted of, or are facing pending charges to any offence related to Impaired Driving under the Criminal Code are not permitted to drive. Base Camp requires an International driver license for our overseas renters. All drivers and their drivers licenses must be present at the time of vehicle pick up.

Vehicle Pickup and Return:

All pick-ups and drop-offs will occur at Base Camp headquarters.

Prices are based on 24-hour period. Pick-up & Drop-off – Vans will be made available for pick-up and drop-off weekdays and Saturday from 9:00am-11:00am, and Sunday from 10:00am to 12:00pm at Base Camp Head Quarters. Please allow up to ½ hour to complete the return formalities. There are no refunds for early returns. The van will be handed over in clean condition and sound working order. You will be expected to return the van with a full tank of gas. Vans must be returned to the Base Camp shop. Failure to return rental van allows Base Camp to expend the Security Deposit to cover costs of retrieval. Failure of the renter to return the vehicle at agreed upon time and date will be considered by Base Camp as abandoned or reported as stolen and reported to the authorities. There is a $150 charge if returned after 11 Am or 12pm on Sunday unless agreed upon in writing.


Pets are permitted provided arrangements have been made at the time of booking. A $150 cleaning fee applies to each rental regardless of the length of the rental period. Any damage to vehicle upholstery by pets will result in a damage charge of $500.


Smoking is not permitted inside the vans. Violation of this rule is subject to a minimum of $300 to maximum of $500 cleaning charges.

Travel Restricted Areas:

Base Camp promotes travel and exploration of Vancouver Island and its surrounding islands (Discovery, Gulf, etc.). Our insurance policy reflects our mission in terms of vehicle recovery. Renters agree to acknowledge regardless of fault Base Camp will not bear costs related to van repossession any place off Vancouver Island in event of incident where a replacement vehicle is needed. All tow, freight, and shipping charges related in the transport of a van to Vancouver Island is deemed responsibility of the Renter. Once on Vancouver Island, Base Camp will cover transportation of the van back to Base Camp HQ. Inspection and diagnosis of van malfunction upon return does not reflect the transportation costs related to acquiring van from location of incident. Any charges related to van failure will be settled in a separate instance.  All driving must be done on paved roads unless routes have been explicitly approved in writing by Base Camp. Any driving done on unsurfaced roads constituting materials such as gravel, sand, mud, snow or other natural surfaces will be considered ‘off road’ and not allowed. The Renter is liable for any damages to vehicle, tires, towing charges and other expenses as a result of a breakdown associated with operating in these areas. Trips off Vancouver Island are not permitted.  If you are planning a real ‘off road’ trip let us know in advance and we can arrange a suitable vehicle for your needs. A Daily limit of 125 Km of driving a day is permitted for the vans and every KM thereafter is ¢65.


All vans have standard ICBC vehicle insurance covering Collision, Third Party Liability and Fire/Theft/Vandalism.  The deductible is $2,500 and the renters are responsible for the deductible in the event of an at-fault accident or other incident.

Renters may purchase our commercial reduction policy ($15/day) lowering the deductible to $250 or they may use their own rental coverage from their auto insurance coverage or credit card. Please note, most credit cards and many home insurance policies do NOT cover the rental of recreational vehicles and our vans are considered RVs. Further, most credit card companies and many auto insurance policies do NOT cover international vehicle rentals of any kind. Please check with your insurance agent or credit card company prior to booking. It is the renter’s responsibility to provide clear, unambiguous documentation to support their claim of coverage. Base Camp is not able to check on the Renter’s behalf.

Mechanical Problems:

In the event of mechanical problems or accidents please contact us right away. We will do everything we can to get you back on the road quickly. On rare occasions when time in lost due to mechanical problems Renter(s) will be credited time at a later date.   

Road Side Safety:

We make sure to do the full mechanical and safety inspection of every vehicle before it goes on the road. On occasions there are mechanical problems or accidents may occur during a rental. If the problem occurs due to mechanical breakdown due to usual causes of wear and tear, Base Camp will bear all the charges of repair. Or, if any breakdown/ accident happen due to the renter at fault then the renter will bear all charges of repair/towing. However, in both cases we will do our best to get you back on the road safely as soon as possible.