➜ What's so good about Vancouver Island?

Vancouver Island has so much to offer from world class surfing to skiing and snowboarding. We have endless hiking and mountain bike trails all over the island and some serious rock climbing and alpine routes in Strathacona Park. You could spend a week cruising the south coast exploring empty beaches along the Juan de fuca trail, all the way to Port Renfrew. We also have Tofino, Canada's best surf town, and a bunch of funky smaller islands to explore.

➜Can I take the Camper Van off Vancouver Island?

We prefer local travel on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.  Vans may travel to the mainland or the US for longer rentals, and with written permission from BaseCamp.

➜ How should we plan our trip?

To start, don't use google maps! Our vans are classics that enjoy life in the slow lane and stopping along the way to explore.  If you feel the need to stare at your cell phone and drive all day please keep looking for a different company. We will point you in the right direction to all the best sights and places to see along the way once you arrive. We offer free maps with our vans so you don't miss anything. 

➜ Can I camp anywhere?

Finding a place to camp is all part of the adventure! If you get off the beaten path you can normally find a free place to camp, or there are many private and provincial paid campsites across Vancouver Island.

➜ How many days do I need to drive to Tofino and back?

If you take your time, explore on the way, and spend several days around Tofino itself, one week.

➜ How many days do I need to drive around Vancouver Island?

If you're looking to explore the entire island that will require at least 2 weeks - it's bigger than you think!  

➜ Where can I find restrooms and showers?

The best place to get clean is at the campsites around Vancouver Island which have modern toilet, showering and bbq facilities (and most of them have a place to throw away trash). They also provide drinking water and picnic facilities. Recreation centres in most towns (swimming pools, sport centres) will also allow you to use the facilities for a small fee. The price varies but you shouldn’t expect to pay more than $7.

➜ Do I need an international drivers license?

Canadian and US drivers are fine, as well as those from English speaking countries. Others will need and International license. It is in essence, a translation.

➜ Can I add an extra driver? What does it cost?

Yes! We don‘t charge for extra drivers. Everyone driving must be over 21 years old.

➜ What is the minimum / maximum rental period?

Minimum 2 days in the low season, 4 days in high season. Current insurance policy limits rentals to 30 days, but this could be circumvented with advance notice.

➜ How do I pay?

We accept payment via Paypal, Electronic Transfer, credit card, debit and cash.

➜ What time can I pick up my van?

Vans are ready for you at 2pm on your pickup day. If your van has not been rented the previous day, we can make exceptions.

➜ Are any of your campers Automatic transmission?

Yes, we do have a few.

➜ Are the camper vans equipped with winter tires during winter?

Yes all our camper vans are on winter tires during winter months.

➜ Does the camper van have a toilet and shower?

No, our campers don’t have a toilet or shower. But don’t worry, there are many gas stations, small shops or restaurants where you can use the bathroom facilities. You can also use them at swimming pools and campgrounds.

➜ What is included in your camper rental rates?

We have a no hidden fee policy. Included in the rental is basic insurance, additional drivers and a camping kit that contains everything you need to cook on the road.